I've worked on shader compilers, surgery simulators, video drivers, raytracers, shading tools, lighting tools, DirectX debuggers, OpenGL ES debuggers, and graphics-intensive web applications.

As a hobby, I've also done some indie game development. In the late 90's I made a platformer called Noop's Odyssey. More recently I created the puzzle game Blockdown.

Graphics APIs

  • OpenGL, WebGL, WebGPU
  • Vulkan
  • ThreeJS, Filament


  • Rust, C++
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Python, Go

Arcol 2022 - present

Chief Technology Officer
We're reinventing tools for architects at arcol.io.

Google 2016 - 2022

Senior Software Engineer
Core developer in the Daydream and Filament teams.

Mappable 2014 - 2016

Senior Graphics Engineer

Designed and implemented a highly specialized C++ graphics engine for WebGL and iOS.

Pixar Animation Studios 2011 — 2014

Research and Development Engineer

Maintained tools and pipeline for shading artists. Developed GPU-accelerated lighting tools. Credited in Brave and Monsters University.

NVIDIA Corporation 2005 — 2010

Senior Tools Engineer

Initial design and implementation of a DirectX 10 debugger. Designed and implemented PerfHUD ES from scratch, a cross-platform development tool for OpenGL ES.

3Dlabs 2000 — 2005

OpenGL Driver Developer

Developed the industry's first GLSL vertex shader compiler. Authored various graphics-related tools and demos. Maintained the VLIW microcode for a vertex processing unit.

WebGL Insights 2015

OpenGL Insights 2012

GPU Pro 2 2011

Published by CRC Press

Contributing author.

iPhone 3D Programming 2010

Published by O'Reilly Media

Sole author.

Mississippi State University 1996 — 2000

Computer Science
Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude.